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Freight Broker

MC:  878878-B
DOT: 2534008

Welcome to Golden Fynch Inc. As a freight shipping broker we provide logistical solutions designed to meet today's diverse and demanding transportation needs in specialized trucking, break bulk ocean cargo and international air cargo as well as auto transport. We pride ourselves on each partnership we have established between the clients we serve. We observe and listen, understanding your freight and cargo transport needs before recommending a logistics solution that will ultimately fulfill the client's objective.

Truck Car Park
Shipping Containers

Golden Fynch can provide dedicated carriers to handle routine or scheduled deliveries.  Our agents will represent our clients in the same professional manner that we uphold at Golden Fynch.  You can feel confident that your product or goods will be delivered on time as promise.  At Golden Fynch we take pride in providing exceptional customer service.  For a piece of mind, we do not bond our clients with long-term legal contracts and we are properly licensed and insured.  We are 100% confident in our work.  If you have freight that needs to be delivered on a routine basis, Golden Fynch insures it will be delivered on time.

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